Expense Settings

To specify settings for time entries: Select Settings under the Expense tab.   Under the General tab, specify an Expense Label from Cost Disbursement Expense   Specify an Expense Entry Lock Out Date. Note: Specifying an Expense Entry Lock Out Date means that no expense can be entered after a Read more

Creating Expense Entries

Video: How to Create Time and Expense Entries By default, the expense entry will be created for current day. If you are making entries for past dates, simply select the desired date from the calendar applet and then create a time entry. Select the Expense Entry link under the Expense Read more

Editing Expense Entries

To edit expense entries: Note 1: Any unbilled expense entry can be edited. However, once the expense has been billed for, it can no longer be modified. Note 2: Expenses on a draft invoice need to be edited in a draft. They cannot be edited through the Expense tab.   Read more

Approving the Expense Entry

To enable the Approve Expenses link, your admin must have enabled the Expense Approvals. To do this, please refer to Time and Expense Approvals section in knowledge base. To approve the expense entry: Select Approve Expense under the Expense tab. Note: This link is visible only to those timekeepers who have been marked Read more

Expense Codes

On the Expense page, you can identify the expenses you and your staff will be incurring. You must enter an expense name and expense code. The remaining fields are optional. The most common expenses incur unique amounts each time, so unless an expense is always for the same amount, it’s Read more

How to Attach Receipts to Expense Entries

Video: How to Attach Receipts to Expense Entries   Select Expense Entry under the Expense tab.   After either filling in the relevant details for a new expense entry (see here) or whilst editing an existing expense entry (see here), select the receipt image file and upload.   Click Save Read more

Recurring Expenses

TimeSolv facilitates its customers to automate the creation of those expenses entries that are expected to repeat after a fixed time interval. Select Settings under the Expense tab.   Under the General tab, click on the Enable Recurring Expense checkbox and click Save.   You can now view and select the Read more

Searching Expense Entries

To search expense entries: Select Search under the Expense tab.   Click on More Options to view all the search fields if needed.   Enter in a Search Criteria.   Enter in Date Range. Note: It is not mandatory for you to enter a date range. You may leave these Read more