Time Settings

VIDEO: To specify settings for time entries: Click the Settings under the Time tab.   Specify the Billing Increment (Hours) field. Note: An example of formatting the billing increment in hours would be 15 minutes (quarter of an hour) entered as 0.25 (quarter of 1) in this field.    Specify the Time Entry Read more

Create and Edit Global Rates

VIDEO: To Create Global Rates:   The advantage of using Global Rates is that you only have to key in these rates once, to have them saved in the system ready to use as you please. For example, if you have a discounted rate, you can create a global rate Read more

Creating a Time Entry

VIDEO: To create a time entry: Note: By default all the time entries will be created on the current date but if time entry is required to be created on some other date, select the date from the calendar on the left side. Select Time Entry under the Time tab.   Read more

Edit Rates on Existing Time Entries

Old time entry rates can be updated with new rates in batches to save time and prevent missed entries.To edit rates on existing time entries: To search for time with a rate that has been changed, click on Settings under the Time tab, and select Rate Changes.   Select the Read more

Searching for a Time Entry

To search for a time entry: Select Search under Time tab.   Enter the search criteria. You can search for any term, whether it is a timekeepers name, client name, matter name, or even specific text in the description of the time entry.   Specify a date range. You can leave the Read more

Task/Activity Codes Setup

VIDEO: On the Task/Activity Codes sub tab (TimeSolv Legal users will see Task, TimeSolv Pro users will see Activity), you can identify the tasks or activities you and your staff are completing for clients, including the task/activity name and task/activity code. If the task/activity has a particular rate you would like Read more


The following sections describe how to change and modify tax settings to accommodate your taxation requirements:   How do I Change the Tax Terminology?   VIDEO: Select the Settings link under the Account tab.   Enter the tax terminology in the Tax Label field, and the tax ID in the Read more

TimeCard Categories

Click to create a customized TimeCard Category. Specify the Label for the TimeCard Category, and click on ‘New TimeCard Category‘: This will open a new window to specify the Name and Description: After you click Save, your new TimeCard Category will be visible under the Time Entry tab: Note: In Read more