Creating a Project/Matter

To create a Project/Matter: Click on Clients & Matters under the Clients tab. Click on the New Matter/Project button. Note: New Matters can also be created by going into a client and clicking on the Matters tab.   Choose the Client you wish to create a Matter for.   Specify a Matter Read more

Delete a Project/Matter/Case

Note: You cannot delete a project/matter/case unless all linked transactions have been deleted. To delete a project/matter/case: Click on Clients & Matters under the Clients tab, select the the desired project/matter.   Click  on Delete This Matter link.   Click OK to confirm deletion.

Client & Project Account Groups

To create/edit/delete a Bill and Payment account group: Click on the Settings link under Clients tab. Click on Account Groups tab. Note: the Account Groups are used for the integration with AccountEdge.   Click on the New Invoice Account Group to create a new group.   Enter the Name.   Read more

Matter or Project Plans & Tasks

  Click on Clients & Matters under the Clients tab, and choose the relevant matter/project.   Click on a specific Matter/Project.   Click on Tasks tab.   Click the New Phase button to create a new phase.   Enter in the Name of the phase, and click Save.   To edit a phase name or to delete Read more

Matter/Project – Invoice Settings

To edit Matter Invoice Settings:   Click on Clients & Matters under the Clients tab and click on the matter name that you wish to edit invoice settings for. Click on the Invoice Settings tab.   Select the Default Flexible Template.   Select Default Firm Contact.   Define Payment Terms. Read more

Project – Assignments

You can assign Timekeepers to specific Matters/Projects so that they cannot see all the other Matters/Projects for your firm. Follow the steps to restrict their access: Select Staff under the Account tab (Note: you may see the term Professionals rather than Staff here, depending on the type of TimeSolv account you Read more

Matter/Project – Calendar

The Calendar tab can be used to define the matter/project specific events. Different users can be assigned permissions over the events. To do so, please see here.  

Matter/Project – Contacts

The Contact tab shows the contacts listed for the client. To access and edit this: Select Clients & Matters under the Clients tab, and select the name of the desired matter.   Click on the Contacts tab.   Click on New Contact to create a new contact.   Select the Type Read more

Matter/Project – Notes

Matter/Project specific notes can be entered here:   Select Clients & Matters under the Clients tab, and select the name of the desired matter.   Select the Notes tab.   Enter some text in the Note field.   Click Save.   Click the Edit link to edit the note.   Click the Delete link to delete the Read more

Matter/Project Budget

In matter/project budget, users can view and set hours, fees, expenses and invoices, and can limit them from exceeding. Users can also set budgets at a granular level for specific Staff, Task Codes, Expense Codes, Tasks, and Task Assignment by Staff. Click on Clients & Matters under the Clients tab. Read more