Creating a Project/Matter

Purpose & Benefit: It is an easy and quick process to create new Projects/Matters in TimeSolv so you can correctly assign Time/Expense entries to the relevant case, and you can create invoices and receive payments towards these cases too. It is important to have this information down so you can Read more

Delete a Project/Matter/Case

Purpose & Benefit: One of the main benefits of using technological software for your legal billing and project management is that you can delete items at the click of a button to dispose of information securely and immediately.   Note: You cannot delete a project/matter/case unless all linked transactions have Read more

Client & Matter Account Groups

Purpose & Benefit: In TimeSolv, your clients can be classified into various account groups. The payment and account groups are only used for syncing with Account Edge.   VIDEO: To create/edit/delete a Bill and Payment account group: Click on the Settings link under Clients tab.   Click on Account Groups Read more

Matter/Project – Invoice Settings

Purpose & Benefit: Every minute spent working on an invoice means one less minute of billable time. With Timesolv, not only will you get your bills out faster, with our flexible templates clients will never have to question an invoice again. Send bills anyway your client wants, in the mail, Read more

Project – Assignments

Purpose & Benefit: You can assign Timekeepers to specific Matters/Projects to exercise extra control and privacy, so that they cannot see all the other Matters/Projects for your firm.     Follow the steps to restrict their access: Select Staff under the Account tab (Note: you may see the term Professionals rather Read more

Matter/Project – Calendar

The Calendar tab can be used to define the matter/project specific events. Different users can be assigned permissions over the events. To do so, please see here.  

Matter/Project – Contacts

Purpose & Benefit: Communication is a key responsibility in an attorney-client relationship. In order to achieve that effectively, you need to have your contacts up to speed. The various types of contacts have a hierarchical system in TimeSolv when creating invoices. It is important our users understand the best location to Read more

Matter/Project – Notes

Purpose & Benefit: Attorneys should keep notes under Matter/Project level if there is any information that can later serve as part of the case with the understanding that these notes might be discoverable as the necessary back-up. VIDEO: Matter/Project specific notes can be entered here: Select Clients & Matters under the Clients tab, and select Read more

Matter/Project Budget

Purpose & Benefit: You can contain costs while focusing on strategic roles to transform the budget into an investment through a good budgeting tool. Budgeting also means you can make a risk assessment for individual Matters/Projects. In matter/project budget, users can view and set hours, fees, expenses and invoices, and Read more

Custom Fields

Purpose & Benefit: TimeSolv has the capability of adding Custom Fields under Clients and Matters. Being able to customize fields according to your individual business needs allows you to exercise greater control and flexibility by adding information beyond basic data. These user-defined fields means you can be as creative and intuitive as Read more

Inactivate a Client or Matter

To inactivate either a Client or Matter, follow the steps below:   Client Click on Clients & Matters under the Clients tab.   Click on the name of the appropriate Client you wish to inactivate.   Click on Inactivate from under the Status field.   Click Save.   If you have Read more