Create a New Client

Video: To create a new client: Click on Clients & Matters under Clients tab.   Click the New Client button.   Enter the client name in the Client Name field.   Enter Client ID.   Click Save.   The new client’s detail form will now have launched. Here you can Read more

Client Settings – General

To define client settings:   Click on the Settings link under the Clients tab.   Specify Client Label – this is how you wish for the term ‘Client’ to appear throughout the system.   You can manually enter the Next Client ID.   Choose Taxable Status.   Choose Client ID Read more

Client – Invoice Settings

VIDEO: To edit Client Invoice Settings: Click on Clients & Matters under the Clients tab and click on the client name that you wish to edit invoice settings for. Click on the Invoice Settings tab.   Select the Default Flexible Template.   Select From Address from a list of all your Read more

Create and Edit Global Rates

VIDEO: To Create Global Rates:   The advantage of using Global Rates is that you only have to key in these rates once, to have them saved in the system ready to use as you please. For example, if you have a discounted rate, you can create a global rate Read more

Consolidate/Combine Multiple Matters for Invoicing

  To consolidate multiple matters/projects for a client onto one invoice: Click on Clients & Matters under the Clients tab and select the desired client’s name. Click on the Matters/Projects tab.   Select the Consolidated? check box against the desired projects. The setting will be automatically saved. Note: If you created Read more

Searching for Clients

Time and billing software by TimeSolv shows Clients and Projects listing for all active clients and projects by default. To search for clients that meet specific criteria: Click on Clients & Matters under the Clients tab.   In the Search Criteria box, you may search for any term. It can be a client name, Read more

Delete a Client

Note: Clients with outstanding payments cannot be deleted. To delete a client: Click on Clients & Matters under the Clients tab, and select the name of the desired client. Click on  the Delete This Client link.   After a delete confirmation message, the client will be deleted.

Update Client Information

  To update information for a client: Click on Clients & Matters under the Clients tab, and select the client name you wish to update information for.   After completing desired modifications to the client information, click Save. Please see this article for help on how to fill in the client Read more

Client – Contacts

VIDEO: The Contact tab shows the contacts listed for the client. To access and edit this: Select Clients & Matters under the Clients tab, and select the name of the desired client.   Click on the Contacts tab.   Click on New Contact to create a new contact. Select the Type Read more

Client – Invoice Narratives

VIDEO: Any client specific terms such as cover page narrative, invoice narrative, invoice footer text, Invoice and Statement e-mail message and payment instructions are defined here. Click on Clients & Matters under the Clients tab, and select the desired client name.   Click on Invoice Settings tab. Scroll down to the Invoice Read more

Client – Notes

VIDEO: Any client specific notes can be added here: Select Clients & Matters under the Clients tab, and select the name of the desired client.   Select the Notes tab. Enter some note description in the Note edit box.   Click Save.   Click the Edit link against the desired note to edit it.   Click Read more

Client & Matter Account Groups

VIDEO: To create/edit/delete a Bill and Payment account group: Click on the Settings link under Clients tab. Click on Account Groups tab. Note: the Account Groups are used for the integration with AccountEdge.   Click on the New Invoice Account Group to create a new group.   Enter the Name. Read more

Conflict Search

VIDEO: Conflicts search enables firms to track related parties and their relationship to clients and matters. For example, there is a client named Dr. Joe Smith. When entering Joe’s information into the database, you will first define attributes such as his contact information and his title such as Doctor. So Joe Read more


The following sections describe how to change and modify tax settings to accommodate your taxation requirements:   How do I Change the Tax Terminology?   VIDEO: Select the Settings link under the Account tab.   Enter the tax terminology in the Tax Label field, and the tax ID in the Read more