Logging In to TimeSolv

After successfully signing up with TimeSolv: Go to URL, https://apps.timesolv.com/App/Login.aspx Enter valid TimeSolv ID in the Username field Enter valid password in the Password field Note: Password should have 10 or more alpha-numeric or special characters (! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) | + ~ _) Click Read more

Main Toolbar

Upon log on to the application, the following tabs and links will be shown:   Depending upon the permissions level, different tabs like Clients, Calendar, Time, Expense, Invoices, Payments, Reports and Account will be shown to the logged on user. Note: Names of the tabs and links can be different Read more

Account Settings

Settings is where you can define certain firm-wide settings. You can also upload your logo for use on bills and project reports. Any changes made here apply to all the firm’s timekeepers. To access firm settings: Select Settings link under the Account tab.   Under the General tab, enter the Read more

Account Subscription

Subscription is where you enter information about the main contact at your company, as well as the billing and payment method. Your payment method can be changed at any time, although the changes will not take effect until the next billing cycle. To access your TimeSolv subscription: Select Our Account link Read more

Account Info

Your client contact information may differ from your billing contact information. If so, enter the client contact information here. If this information is the same as for the TimeSolv Billing Info contact, indicate that here as well. To access your account Info: To set/edit your firm’s contact details on your Read more

Logo Size

How to Resize a Logo to Fit Perfectly on the Invoice Header? In order for your firm logo to fit perfectly on the invoice header, it may need to be resized to a width of 7 inches. Follow the instructions below to exactly resize a logo to be 7 inches wide Read more


  VIDEO: TimeSolv allows users to create abbreviations for frequently used sentences which can be used later on in the description of time or expense entries. These abbreviations can be used both for the online time entry or with TimeSync. Abbreviations can be created both at a firm level and user Read more

Staff Member Groups

Follow the steps create staff member groups: Select Settings link under the Account tab.   Select Staff Member Groups tab.   Click on the New Staff Member Group button.   Type in a Name for the new Staff Member Group.   Type in a Description for the new Staff Member Group.   Read more


With TimeSolv, you can easily import and export data using the steps below: Note: Please discuss with TimeSolv Support at 651-687-0090 to help you with transferring data from an older billing software to TimeSolv. You will need to cut and paste data into the provided Excel templates so it can Read more

TimeSolv to AccountEdge Integration

TimeSolv integrates with AccountEdge by exporting Invoices, Payments, Credit Memos, and Write Offs in addition to Trust and Retainer Deposits and Disbursements. To export data to AccountEdge, please go to Account, Import/Export and select AccountEdge tab.  To export the data, enter the Debit Account and Credit Account numbers in AccountEdge.  Read more

Additional Contacts

Follow the steps create additional contacts for your firm account: Select Our Account link under the Account tab.   Select Additional Contacts tab.   Click on the New Contact button.   Enter in valid details for the new contact, including name, numbers, and address. Click on Save when complete.

Create New Professional/Timekeeper

To add a new user to your TimeSolv account, go to the Account tab and select Timekeeper (Professional)   Enter the information for the new user. All information in this window is required.   All usernames need to be unique. All passwords must be at least 10 characters long and Read more

Timekeepers Setup

Watch our video tutorial     You can setup new timekeepers under the Account tab: Click on the Account tab. Click on Professionals.   Click on New Professional. Fill in the form fields, specifying the timekeepers’ First Name, Last Name, Email, Username, Password, Confirm Password, and Default Rate.   Click Read more

Timekeeper – Profile

The Timekeeper Profile section is used to enter basic information about the timekeeper: Select the Staff/Professionals link under the Account tab.   Select the Staff/Professional you wish to add/edit profile for (example below).   Enter in the timekeepers: First Name Last Name Email Username   Type in the Password for the Read more