Account Settings

PURPOSE & BENEFIT: Settings is where you can define certain firm-wide settings. You can also upload your logo for use on bills and project reports. Any changes made here apply to all the firm’s timekeepers. You can customize fields and set up your firm’s brand under the account settings, ready to Read more

Account Subscription

PURPOSE & BENEFIT: Subscription is where you enter information about the main contact at your company, as well as the billing and payment method. Your payment method can be changed at any time, although the changes will not take effect until the next billing cycle. You can enjoy your TimeSolv account without Read more

Account Info

Purpose & Benefit: Your client contact information may differ from your billing contact information. If so, enter the client contact information here. If this information is the same as for the TimeSolv Billing Info contact, indicate that here as well. You can be flexible with the differentiation between billing contact details Read more

Logo Size

How to Resize a Logo to Fit Perfectly on the Invoice Header? In order for your firm logo to fit perfectly on the invoice header, it may need to be resized to a width of 7 inches. Follow the instructions below to exactly resize a logo to be 7 inches wide Read more


Purpose & Benefit: TimeSolv allows users to create abbreviations for frequently used sentences which can be used later on in the description of time or expense entries. These abbreviations can be used both for the online time entry or with TimeSync. Abbreviations can be created both at a firm level and Read more

Staff Member Groups

Purpose & Benefit: You can group your Timekeepers under customized group names and provide a description of the group for its purpose/specificity. These groups can be used in our robust Reports section, where you can pull reporting data under various categories for a specific group of Timekeepers that you have Read more


Purpose & Benefit: Move and/or sync your data across a number of applications, whether it be old legacy software like Timeslips, or accounting software such as QuickBooks, or to pull data from a simple Excel spreadsheet. TimeSolv’s importing capabilities make it easy to make the move. It only involves a few simple Read more

Additional Contacts

Purpose & Benefit: You can create additional contact information for your firm other than the main contact details. You can use additional contact information as an alternative, and can be a useful feature when it comes to flexibility with your billing details. VIDEO: Follow the steps create additional contacts for your Read more

Terminology Setup

Purpose & Benefit: TimeSolv uses certain terminology by default, but you can customize the language used in your account. Our TimeSolv App is extremely versatile and customizable to best suit your business needs. One of the things you can customize is what words appear for different terms used in the Read more

Task/Activity Codes Setup

Purpose & Benefit: On the Task/Activity Codes sub tab (TimeSolv Legal users will see Task, TimeSolv Pro users will see Activity), you can identify the tasks or activities you and your staff are completing for clients, including the task/activity name and task/activity code. If the task/activity has a particular rate you would Read more

Rate Options and Setting up Your Rates

Purpose & Benefit: Many firms will offer various rate options, and TimeSolv has incredible flexibility to help you administer these rates. One of TimeSolv’s greatest strengths is its flexible rate structure. Even businesses that consistently use the same billing scale occasionally encounter exceptions, and TimeSolv is designed to accommodate those changes. This Read more

Flexible Billing Template

Purpose & Benefit: The flexible billing template feature allows you to specify exactly what information appears on the invoices you generate. Invoices can include as much or as little detail as you wish, and company letterhead and logos can easily be incorporated. The ability to customize your invoices as little Read more


Purpose & Benefit: Depending on where you have your practice you may have to add tax for either your time or expenses when generating invoices each month. With TimeSolv, you can set the taxable status of every client for both time and expenses. The following sections describe how to change and Read more

Non-Billable Project Administration

Purpose & Benefit: At TimeSolv, our users often want to create time or expense entries that are non-billable or appear on an invoice as a no-charge. This is a crucial feature that you can set in the permissions area of each timekeeper you have. TimeSolv recommends that timekeepers track all their time for Read more

Time and Expense Approvals

PURPOSE & BENEFIT: The Time and Expense approval system enables you to configure settings which allow project managers or staff managers to approve time and expense entries according to your business processes. TimeSolv allows you to dictate approvals for entries created against certain Matter/Projects, or entries created by certain Timekeepers. Reviewing your employees’ work Read more