Purpose & Benefit: The Project/Matter calendar has been completely structured for ease of use with drag-and-drop capabilities. You can view daily, weekly, and monthly calendars for timekeepers and project/matters. Features include the ability to assign timekeepers to a calendar event with a specific view or update permissions.


The Calendar tab is available for Calendar enabled firms. This acts as project specific event organizer.

  • Click the Calendar link under Calendar tab.


  • Click on a specific date/time cell such that the New Calendar Event form is launched.


  • Select Company Holiday checkbox to make it an all day holiday.


  • Specify Matter.


  • Specify a Title for the calendar event.


  • Specify Description.


  • Specify whether this is an All Day Event.


  • Specify Start Date and Time.


  • Specify End Date and Time.


  • Specify Due Date.


  • Specify whether this is a Private calendar event.


  • Specify Event Status.


  • Click Save.


  • Click the Users tab to grant permissions to the users over the event.


  • Select the user you would like to assign the event to. You can choose between: Can View Event, Can Update Event, Can View Update and Delete when setting their permission level.


  • Click Save.

  • Multiple user’s calendars can also be viewed (provided if one has the appropriate permissions to view them) by clicking the Add More Calendars link.


  • Click on the field to see a list of users. Select the user want to add to the list. ‘


  • Click OK.


  • Matter specific calenders can be viewed by clicking the Add More Matter Calendars link.


  • Click on the field to see a list of Matters/Projects. Select the Matter/Project want to add to the list. ‘


  • Click OK.


  •  Click the Search link under Calendar tab for searching an existing calendar event or creating a new calendar event.




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