Billing (Invoice) Categories

Purpose & Benefit: You can create Billing Categories to help invoice your clients in more organized batches. These categories can also be selected when generating reports.

You can customize your ‘Billing Categories’ label and create new Billing Categories at the Client, Settings, Billing Categories tab.

  • To create a new Billing Category, click New Billing Category in the upper right hand corner and complete the form.

Assign the billing categories to your clients/matters at the Client or Matter, Invoice Settings tab.

  • Multiple Billing Categories (3rd line down) can be added.
  • Matters, by default, will inherit the Client setting.

If a category is not specified for a client or matter, draft invoices will generate for them if the Billing Category is left at ‘None Specified.’

To draft invoices by Billing Category, go to Invoices, Drafts, and click New Draft Invoices in the upper right hand corner.  Then choose the appropriate Billing Categories.

Note:  On consolidated matters, only the client level Billing Categories will be used.

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