Term “Fees Collected Amount” on Reports

The term “Fees Collected Amount” on Reports means: The total amount of fees collected is the amount collected after expenses, taxes, interest, adjustments, discounts, and commission holdback are subtracted. Payments marked with the “written off” type are not included in the total amount of fees collected. Additionally, the entries that Read more

Edit Rates on Existing Time Entries

Old time entry rates can be updated with new rates in batches to save time and prevent missed entries.To edit rates on existing time entries: To search for time with a rate that has been changed, click on Settings under the Time tab, and select Rate Changes.   Select the Read more

Matter/Project – Contacts

The Contact tab shows the contacts listed for the client. To access and edit this: Select Clients & Matters under the Clients tab, and select the name of the desired matter.   Click on the Contacts tab.   Click on New Contact to create a new contact.   Select the Type Read more

Approving the Expense Entry

To enable the Approve Expenses link, your admin must have enabled the Expense Approvals. To do this, please refer to Time and Expense Approvals section in knowledge base. To approve the expense entry: Select Approve Expense under the Expense tab. Note: This link is visible only to those timekeepers who have been marked Read more

Searching Expense Entries

To search expense entries: Select Search under the Expense tab.   Click on More Options to view all the search fields if needed.   Enter in a Search Criteria.   Enter in Date Range. Note: It is not mandatory for you to enter a date range. You may leave these Read more

Recurring Expenses

TimeSolv facilitates its customers to automate the creation of those expenses entries that are expected to repeat after a fixed time interval. Select Settings under the Expense tab.   Under the General tab, click on the Enable Recurring Expense checkbox and click Save.   You can now view and select the Read more

Editing Expense Entries

To edit expense entries: Note 1: Any unbilled expense entry can be edited. However, once the expense has been billed for, it can no longer be modified. Note 2: Expenses on a draft invoice need to be edited in a draft. They cannot be edited through the Expense tab.   Read more

Main Toolbar

Upon log on to the application, the following tabs and links will be shown: Depending upon the permissions level, different tabs like Dashboard, Clients, Calendar, Time, Expense, Invoices, Payments, Documents, Reports and Account will be shown to the logged on user. Note: Names of the tabs and links can be different Read more

Project – Assignments

You can assign Timekeepers to specific Matters/Projects so that they cannot see all the other Matters/Projects for your firm. Follow the steps to restrict their access: Select Staff under the Account tab (Note: you may see the term Professionals rather than Staff here, depending on the type of TimeSolv account you Read more

Matter/Project – Notes

Matter/Project specific notes can be entered here:   Select Clients & Matters under the Clients tab, and select the name of the desired matter.   Select the Notes tab.   Enter some text in the Note field.   Click Save.   Click the Edit link to edit the note.   Click the Delete link to delete the Read more

Matter/Project – Calendar

The Calendar tab can be used to define the matter/project specific events. Different users can be assigned permissions over the events. To do so, please see here.  

Write Off a Sent Invoice/Bill (partial or full)

To Write Off a Sent Invoice (partial or full): Select Payments under the Payments tab.   Specify the date of the write off in the Date field.   Select the client/matter (customer/project) from the Client – Matter field.   Select Write Off option from the Credit Type drop down.   Select the appropriate Payment Read more

TimeSolv Offers Self-Seal Custom Large Window #10 Envelopes

  TimeSolv Self- Seal Custom Large Window #10 Envelopes These custom designed envelopes make it easier for you to send invoices to your clients. They were custom designed to avoid the challenging task of aligning from and to addresses in the commonly available two window envelopes. These envelopes are not available Read more

Importing Data from Older Billing Software

Download the Client and Matter/Project data import templates to your computer.  Please discuss with TimeSolv Support at 651-687-0090 to help you with transferring data from an older billing software to TimeSolv. You will need to cut and paste data into the provided Excel templates so it can be easily imported. Read more

Discounts or Adjustments to an Invoice

To add discounts or adjustments to an invoice:   Select Drafts under Invoices tab.   Click on the dollar Amount of a draft invoice to edit it (example below).   Click on Totals tab.   To make an adjustment, enter the value in the Adjustment field. Note: enter a negative Read more