How to send an invoice

Before sending an invoice, the user needs to create a draft of the invoice. Please see this article on more details of how to create draft invoices. Once the draft has been created, select the checkbox next to the invoice(s) you wish to send, and click the Send button from the Read more

How to create an invoice without dates

Users can create invoices in TimeSolv without a date appearing on them. You can make it so that the date does not show, but it is important to note the ‘Invoice Period‘ dates must still be defined under the General tab of the draft invoice. The Invoice Period can be Read more

How to Stop a Recurring Expense

This article will show users how to stop a recurring expense:   Select Recurring Expense link under the Expense tab.   Click on the Edit link next to an existing recurring expense.   Specify an End Date according to when you would like to stop the recurring expense. Click Update.  

How to disable Task Codes field on Time Entry screen

TimeSolv understands that some organizations may have no need for the use of Task Codes when creating time entries. To avoid user confusion, TimeSolv allows for the Task Code field to not be displayed at all. Below is a guide as to how you can turn this field off either Read more

Xero – Configure Resync

If users need to resync data from TimeSolv to Xero, click on Account>Integrations>Xero – Non-Certified>Configure Resync tab. The user can force an update of previously sync’d records by using this screen. Specify a date/time for each of the entities you want to re-sync. Records in the corresponding entities that were updated Read more

Xero – Enable Payment/Credit Sync

Users need to set up the sync settings before they can sync for the first time. Click on Accounts>Integrations>Xero – Non-Certified>Sync Setup to get started.   Enable Payment/Credit Sync Click on Enable Payment/Credit Sync checkbox   Configure the following accounts: a) Payments Account. Select a ‘Current Asset’ or ‘Bank Account’ type Xero account to record Read more

Xero – Sync Invoices in TimeSolv to Xero

Users need to set up sync settings before they can sync for the first time. Head over to Accounts>Integrations>Xero – Non-Certified>Sync Setup to get started.   Enable Invoice Sync Click on Enable Invoice Sync checkbox for setup.   Configure the following accounts: a) Fees Account – Select a ‘Sales’ type Xero account to record fees in. You can create a Read more

Xero – Sync TimeSolv Clients as Contacts in Xero

Users need to set up sync settings before they can sync for the first time. Head over to Accounts>Integrations>Xero – Non-Certified>Sync Setup to get started.   Enable Client Sync You need to first sync over TimeSolv Clients as Contacts into Xero. Click to enable the box.   After enabling Client Sync, click Save.   Map Read more

Xero – Enable Trust Transaction Sync

Users need to set up sync settings before they can sync for the first time. Head over to Accounts>Integrations>Xero – Non-Certified>Sync Setup to get started.   Enable Trust Transaction Sync Click on Enable Trust Transaction Sync.   Select a Trust/Retainer account from the dropdown list of accounts in Xero that you will be syncing the information over to. The Read more

How to Set Up Xero

1. Connect to your Xero account Click on Account>Integrations.   Click on the Connect to Xero button under Xero – Non-Certified tab.   2. Sync Setup You will now be led back to the TimeSolv app where you can now view and click on the Sync Setup tab. This step is required if you are Read more

Connect to Xero

To get started with our Xero integration, you need to connect your Xero account to TimeSolv. To start with, click on Account>Integrations.   Under the Xero – Non-Certified tab, click on the Connect to Xero button which will lead you to the Xero login page.   Log in to your Xero account if you Read more

API Documentation

For any cloud-based system, it is imperative to have well developed APIs. These APIs can help 3rd party developers or the firms to extract important information from their TimeSolv for profitability, streamlining the processes. The web services APIs help your designated developers access to the data in TimeSolv application. Please Read more

View ‘Previous Balance’ on Invoices, Cover Pages, Remittance Pages

To view this previous balance on an invoice, please go under Invoices>Settings>Flexible Templates. Click on the appropriate template name to edit settings.   Under Global Settings tab, ensure ‘Include Total Balance Due on Cover Page and Main Invoice‘ checkbox is enabled.   You will now be able to see any Read more

Inactivate a Client or Matter

To inactivate either a Client or Matter, follow the steps below:   Client Click on Clients & Matters under the Clients tab.   Click on the name of the appropriate Client you wish to inactivate.   Click on Inactivate from under the Status field.   Click Save.   If you have Read more

Specifying Sync Settings for Trust Transactions for QuickBooks Desktop

Purpose & Benefit: QuickBooks is a staple of small business. Millions use the software for their accounting and billing needs. QuickBooks has plenty of valuable accounting tools, so we have created a platform that seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, allowing your firm to benefit from its accounting tools, while utilizing TimeSolv’s efficient Read more