Dashboard: Logics and Calculations of Graphs

Saturday and Sunday are considered to be holidays so these should not be included in the calculation. If there is some full day holiday is entered then it should not be included in the calculation Target Hours per Day are calculated by dividing Annual Target Hours by Working Days in Read more

Dashboard Overview

Dashboard is basically a graphical representation of hours, amount and billing rate for the whole year. Dashboard is visible to both admin and non-admin users. Admin users have more rights than non-admin users. Firm admin can view dashboard of any non-admin user in that firm. Dashboard feature can be enabled Read more

Invoices of project

All invoices of a project is displaying under Bills/Invoices tab in project details Clients > Clients & Projects > Project Details > Bills   User can view total amount and remaining balance for invoices. A ‘pay’ button is displayed through which invoices can be paid.

Project Budget

In project budget, user can view and set hours, fees, expenses and bill and can limit them from exceeding.   Clients and project > Project details > Budget  

Company Holiday

Company holidays are defined in the calendar. Create a calendar event and a check box is available for ‘company holiday’. Company holiday is considered as full day holiday.     If checkbox is enabled then all other fields are hidden because this will be considered as full day holiday   Read more

Dashboard Permission

Firm admin can set permission for each professional in a firm whether to view Dashboard or not To do so go to Dashboard > Settings and check view dashboard check box for each required professionals and save.

Set Annual Targeted Hours and Rate

Administrator of firm can set the annual target and rate for each individual professionals for each specified Years. For this go to Dashboard > Settings Set targets hour and rate for each professionals and for required year and save NOTE: To set annual targeted hours and rate your firm admin Read more

Enable Dashboard

  Firm admin can enable dashboard. To enable dashboard go to Account > Settings. Tick mark the “Enable Dashboard?” check box and save