Our TimeSolv App is extremely versatile and customizable to best suit your business needs. One of the things you can customize is what words appear for different terms used in the app. For example, a TimeSolv Pro account will use the term ‘Staff Member’ by default whenever the app is Read more

How to Email All Contacts

Let’s say there’s important communication you need to get across to all of your clients, and you need to send an email out to your entire client contact database. Here are the steps to achieve this: Click on Import/Export link under the Account tab.   After clicking on the the Read more

Account Billing History

VIDEO: You can check how much you have spent this month by following the steps below: Click on Our Account under the Account tab.   Click on the Billing History tab.   You can now view a list of billing history for your admin level user account (example below).

Client – Categories

To create client categories and sub-categories:   Click on Settings under Clients tab.   Click on the Categories tab.   You can customize the Label for your Categories and Sub-Categories.   Click on the New Category or New Sub Category buttons to create new ones.   Specify the Name of the new Read more

Client – Active Matter/Project Admin

To view and go through a list of all your active matters/projects:   Click on Settings under Clients tab.   Click on the Active Matter/Project Admin tab.   You can specify a No Time/Expense Entries Since Date field to search active matters that have not had any time/expense entries entered against them Read more

Client – Trust

To define client level trust account settings:   Click on Clients & Matters under Clients tab.   Click on the Matter (example below).   Click on the Trust tab.   Click on New Trust button to create a new trust account.   Specify the Name of your new trust account. Read more


Click on the Contacts link under the Clients tab.   There is a search facility allowing you to search through the list of contacts for something specific.   Click on the New Contact button to create a new contact.   Enter in the new contacts details in the relevant fields. Read more

How to Receive Payments From LawPay Into Your Trust Account

  How to Receive Payments From LawPay Into Your Trust Account:   Click on Settings under the Clients tab.   At the bottom of the General tab, under the Client Portal section, you can select what bank account you want to receive all portal payments in.   Click Save.   Read more

Edit Draft Invoices

To Edit the Draft Invoice:   Click the Amount value of the desired invoice to edit the invoice under Invoices>Drafts tab.   Under the General tab,  specify the Invoice Date. This is the date you wish to generate the invoice on.   Specify the date range for Invoice Period. Note: Read more

Document Management

TimeSolv has a native document management feature within the application hosted on the same servers as our billing and timekeeping data. Firms can use our software as a hub for managing their client’s files, bills and reports. To create and manage your documents within the application: Select Documents under the Read more

NetDocuments Integration

With an integration to TimeSolv, files and emails stored for your clients and matters in NetDocuments will automatically be accessible within TimeSolv, allowing your firm to use our system as your hub for client and matter management.   Select Settings under the Documents tab.   Click on Configure NetDocuments.   Select Read more

Dropbox Integration

Dropbox is an incredibly popular document management application that allows law firms to share files within the office as well to their clients. With an integration to TimeSolv, you can now access your Dropbox files within TimeSolv and folders for your new clients and matters are automatically generated in Dropbox Read more

TimeCard Categories

Click to create a customized TimeCard Category. Specify the Label for the TimeCard Category, and click on ‘New TimeCard Category‘: This will open a new window to specify the Name and Description: After you click Save, your new TimeCard Category will be visible under the Time Entry tab: Note: In Read more

Staff Member Groups

VIDEO: Follow the steps create staff member groups: Select Settings link under the Account tab.   Select Staff Member Groups tab.   Click on the New Staff Member Group button.   Type in a Name for the new Staff Member Group.   Type in a Description for the new Staff Member Group. Read more

Additional Contacts

VIDEO: Follow the steps create additional contacts for your firm account: Select Our Account link under the Account tab.   Select Additional Contacts tab.   Click on the New Contact button.   Enter in valid details for the new contact, including name, numbers, and address. Click on Save when complete.