TimeSolv Version 20200730 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: July 30, 2020

#1: Feature: Audit Log
Knowing who is taking what action is critical for a firm to fulfill regulatory compliance and records management as well as discourages malpractices. Users can now view the Audit Log records by users, and sort and filter (Entity, User, Date Range, Event, Client & Matter) data to determine who has done what with various entities in the TimeSolv app.
#2: Feature: Ability to View and Replenish Trust Accounts
Previously, to determine the replenishment amount several steps needed to be performed in order to get the dollar amount required for replenishment. Now users can view a list of all replenishment amounts for all the Clients and Matters so that when they are charging CC they can do it quickly.
#3: Enhancement: Contact TimeSolv to Close Account
Previously, an Admin user would go under Account>Our Account>Subscription and Close Account. Now it is a requirement that customers must contact TimeSolv in order to terminate their account. 
#4: Enhancement: Ability to Filter 'Aged Invoices' Report by Categories
Users can now filter the 'Aged Invoices' report by Categories.
#5: Enhancement: Report - Trust Banking - New Filters Required
Users can now select a filter to view precise Trust Banking data, such as Bank Account, Client Category, and Billing Category.
#6: Enhancement: Client & Matter - Special Characters not Allowed
Previously, TimeSolv allowed special characters around the data entry fields of Client Name and Matter Name. This was causing random errors. Restrictions are now in place with the use of special characters.
#7: Enhancement: Ability Define 'Respondent' as a Client Label
A new 'Respondent' label has been added under Clients>Settings. This is for if a firm is in an adversarial relationship with those they bill for their time, yet they are neither Clients nor Customers.
#8: Enhancement: Improvement to Application Header Timer
If a user is not on the timer page, they can now know what they are tracking time for and do so easily. If the user hovers over the running time they can see the details of the timer. Furthermore, users can now view a stop button instead of the animated running timer so that they are aware that they can stop the timer.
#9: Bug Fix: AutoMail - Stop Statements with Bad Address
Information/warning icons have been added in the Email and AutoMail columns to show when either is empty, unavailable, or invalid. In the Email column, the information icon is shown when the Client’s Contact does not have an email address, and the warning icon is shown when the Client’s Contact has an invalid email address. In the AutoMail column, the information icon is shown when the Client’s Contact address is not in the USA, and the warning icon is shown when the Client’s Contact address is not complete.
#10: Bug Fix: Invoices - RE Doesn’t Update on Draft Invoice When Downloaded
Previously, when updating the 'RE' field under Invoices>Drafts>Edit screen, the downloaded draft invoice was not reflective of the changes to the 'RE' field. 
#11: Bug Fix: Payment Dropdown Showing Incorrect Payment Methods Upon Editing the Credit Memo Transaction
The Payment of credit type 'Credit Memo' should show its payment methods, not of credit type 'Payment' or 'Write Off'. This has been fixed.
#12: Bug Fix: Payment Settings - Success Message is Incorrect When Bank Account is Added
The incorrect success message 'Credit Card information saved on file successfully' was previously appearing. This has been fixed to 'Bank Account information saved on file successfully'.
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