TimeSolv Invoicing Steps

Prior to invoices being generated, professionals will put their time and expense entries into the system. A time or expense card entry can have one of the following four status values:

  1. Open – entry can be edited from the daily or weekly entry screens.
  2. Pending – entry is part of an invoice and can no longer be edited from the daily or weekly time entry screens. However, it can be edited through the invoice edit process explained in steps 6 & 7 below.
  3. Closed – entry is part of a sent invoice and can no longer be edited in any way except by voiding the sent invoice.
  4. Written-off – the entry has been deleted from the invoice and the billed amount is $0.

Another important thing to remember is that Timesolv can track both the original and billed values. Basically, any changes made during the invoice edit process can be stored separately from the original entries, including the values of written-off entries.

See here for more information.

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