Managing the Firm Reports

  1. Task Codes,
  2. Expense Codes,
  3. Professionals and Rates,
  4. Clients and Matters,
  5. Tax Listing,
  6. Abbreviations,
  7. Related Parties,
  8. Relationships,

Task Codes Report

A list of categories for Time Entries.

Example Task Codes report with default parameters selected:

Expense Codes Report

This shows categories for Expense Entries.

Example Expense Codes report with default parameters selected:

Professionals and Rates Report

List of Professionals and their Hourly Rates

Example Professionals and Rates report with default parameters selected:

Clients and Matters Report

Details of Client contact and Client billing settings including Matter details.

Example of ' Client Simple' Report Type:

Example of ' Client Detail' Report Type:

Example of ' Client Matter' Report Type:

Taxing Listing Report

Report shows Tax listing by Client.

Example Tax Listing report with default parameters selected:

Abbreviations Report

Report shows a list of narratives with Abbreviations.

Example Abbreviations report with default parameters selected:

List of people related to a Client or Matter.

Example Related Parties report with default parameters selected:

Relationships Report

Relationships of people related to a Client or a Matter.

Example Relationships report with default parameters selected:

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