Managing the Firm Reports

In this article:

  1. Task Codes
  2. Expense Codes
  3. Professionals and Rates
  4. Clients and Matters
  5. Tax Listing
  6. Abbreviations
  7. Related Parties
  8. Relationships

Task Codes Report

A list of categories for Time Entries.

Example Task Codes report with default parameters selected:

Expense Codes Report

This shows categories for Expense Entries.

Example Expense Codes report with default parameters selected:

Professionals and Rates Report

List of Professionals and their Hourly Rates

Example Professionals and Rates report with default parameters selected:

Clients and Matters Report

Details of Client contact and Client billing settings including Matter details.

Example of ' Client Simple' Report Type:

Example of ' Client Detail' Report Type:

Example of ' Client Matter' Report Type:

Taxing Listing Report

Report shows Tax listing by Client.

Example Tax Listing report with default parameters selected:

Abbreviations Report

Report shows a list of narratives with Abbreviations.

Example Abbreviations report with default parameters selected:

List of people related to a Client or Matter.

Example Related Parties report with default parameters selected:

Relationships Report

Relationships of people related to a Client or a Matter.

Example Relationships report with default parameters selected:

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