Performance Reports

  1. Firm Performance,
  2. Fees Budget,
  3. Client Rankings,
  4. Professional Profitability,
  5. Revenue & Commissions,

Firm Performance Report

The report shows the performance of the firm over a period of time.

Example of Firm Performance report with default parameters selected:

Fees Budget Report

This report shows budgeted versus billed and unbilled fees grouped by Client and Matter.

Example of Fees Budget report with default parameters selected:

Client Ranking Report

Ranking of clients by total fees worked, billed, and cash receipts.

Example Client Rankings report with default parameters selected:

Professional Profitability Report

The report shows profitability per Professional based on billed versus original fees.

Example Professional Profitability report with default parameters selected:

Revenue and Commissions Report

Note: Commissions are only visible to Administrator users. 

Revenue collected per Professional, Manager, and per Responsible Professional.

Example Revenue and Commissions report with default parameters selected:

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