Time & Expense Reports

  1. Time Entries,
  2. Time Entry Summary,
  3. Expense Entries,
  4. Missing Time,
  5. Time & Expense Entries,
  6. Task Summary,

Time Entries Report

List of time entries grouped by client and matter

Example Time Entries report with default parameters set:

Time Entry Summary Report 

Weekly and monthly totals of time entries grouped by a combination of Client, Matter and Timekeepers.

Example Time Entry Summary report with 'Billed Values'. 

Expense Entries Report

    This shows a list of expense entries grouped by Client and Matter.

    Example Expense Entries report with default parameters:

Missing Time Report 

Hours missed by a timekeeper per day or per week.

Example Missing Time report with default parameters:

Time and Expense Entries Report

List of time and expense entries grouped by client and matter.

Example Time and Expense Entries report with default parameters:

Task Summary Report

A sum of Time Entries grouped by Professional and Task.

Example Task Summary report with default parameters:

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