Reports FAQ's

  1. A Reports Overview,
  2. Term 'Fees Collected Amount' on Reports,
  3. Filter Reports by Originating Professional,
  4. Creating Client/Matter Categories or Professional Groups,
  5. How to create a report by Categories,
  6. Which Reports use Billing Categories,
  7. How to Apply Groups to Professionals and Apply those Groups to Reports,

A Reports Overview

Monthly reports are valuable tools in building a successful law practice. They provide you with detailed information about your firm from a variety of financial and management perspectives. Used properly, monthly reports can help you identify what is working within your business and what needs improvement. Gain fresh insights into your business with 31 different reports for law firms and other businesses covering billable hours, accounts receivable, expenses, performance, and more. Our insightful reports can be viewed and shared in 10 formats, including PDF, Excel, Word, and more.

Click on Reports tab to access reports.

Term 'Fees Collected Amount' on Reports

The term 'Fees Collected Amount' on Reports means:

  • The total amount of fees collected is the amount collected after expenses, taxes, interest, adjustments, discounts, and commission holdback are subtracted.
  • Payments marked with the “written off” type are not included in the total amount of fees collected.
  • Additionally, the entries that have been “deleted” (written down) during the invoice edit process are also not counted.

Filter Reports by Originating Professional

Users can filter multiple report types by Originating Professionals.

Please see this article for information on where to specify Originating Professionals for Matters.

Here’s a list of reports that can be filtered by Originating Professionals:

  • Invoices and WIP
  • Payment History
  • Revenues & Commissions

Creating Client/Matter Categories or Professional Groups

How to apply categories to Clients and Matters:

Go to Clients>Settings>Categories.

Click on Create New Category to create a category.

Drill into any Client name and select the desired category from the Client Group dropdown.

Note: Client Group is inherited automatically by new Matters. For existing Matters, you will have to select a category manually.

How to Create a Report by Categories

Categories feed into several of TimeSolv’s reports and can be very helpful to your firm. Downloading reports into CSV format allows for additional filtering and sorting in Excel.

Note: These Reports are not at a Matter-level.

Categories feed into the following reports:

  • Time Entries
  • Time Entry Summary
  • Expense Entries
  • Activity Summary
  • Cash Receipts
  • Payment History
  • Realization Reports (Professional, Invoice, Client)
  • Fees Budget
  • Professional Profitability
  • Revenues & Commissions
  • Resource Allocation
  • Budget
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Invoice Summary with Payment Allocations

Which Reports use Billing Categories

The following reports use Billing Categories:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Invoice Summary with Payment Allocations
  • Aged Invoices
  • Cash Receipts
  • Payment History
  • Trust Banking

How to apply groups to Professionals and apply those groups to reports

Click on Accounts>Settings>Professionals Groups.

Create Professionals Groups and Sub-groups on this screen.

Now go to Reports tab and select any report that has a Professional as a data filter. For example, on the Time Cards report, select the desired Professional and Sub-group from the drop-downs to filter the Time Cards.

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