Approving the Time Entry

Purpose & Benefit: Approval systems can be an essential tool for ensuring quality control for your valuable clients. TimeSolv allows you to dictate approvals for entries created against certain Matter/Projects, or entries created by certain Timekeepers. Reviewing your employees’ work can also serve as a dependable teaching method for reflecting your business’s standardization and internal process.



To enable the Approve Time link, your admin must have enabled the Time Approvals. To do this, please refer to Time and Expense Approvals section in the knowledge base.

Please note, an admin can approve time regardless of whether or not they have been listed under the Approvers list.

  • Select Approve Time under the Time tab.

Note: This link is visible only to those timekeepers who have been marked as the time approver in the Manage Approvers section.


  • You can search through time entries to find a specific entry you wish to approve. Enter in a search criteria.


  • Specify a date range for the entry.


  • Select More Options if you wish to be more specific with your search fields.


  • Specify Client & Matter from the drop down list.


  • Specify the Status of entry.


  • Click Search.


  • To collectively approve/reject the list of time entries, select the Approve or Reject checkbox to approve or reject a time entry respectively. Or, to selectively choose which of the time entries you wish to approve/reject, select the Approve or Reject checkbox to approve or reject a time entry respectively.


  • Comments entered in the Public Comments field will be viewable to all firm users.


  • Comments entered in the Private Comments field will be viewable only to the approver (Exception: if the user you are approving time for is listed as an administrator, they will be able to see private comments).


  • You can view a summary of time entry details by clicking on the document icon.


  • You can view the Approval History by click on the sync icon.


  • Click Save to submit approvals/rejections.


  • Timekeeper (staff member) will receive an email about rejected time entrie(s) which will include any ‘Public’ commments. Users can also view the rejected time entry details at the bottom of the Time Entry screen. NOTE: If the Timekeeper (staff member) is an administrator user, they will be able to see both Public and Private comments in TimeSolv app. 

EXAMPLE 1: Rejected ime entry view for a non-admin Timekeeper user:


EXAMPLE 2: Rejected time entry view for an admin Timekeeper user:

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