Allocating a Payment

Purpose & Benefit: Payment allocations are a part of payment tracking and important for a successful business. You need to know how much money you are owed, and to do this you must allocate correctly to know which invoices have been paid. It also means a healthier cash flow without interruption of income. And when you are on top of payment allocations, you can easily identify any shortfalls and investigate errors quickly. Tracking and allocating payments is an efficient way of managing your business and driving it towards success.




For payment allocations:

  • Select Payments under the Payments tab.


  • Specify the date of the write off in the Date field.


  • Select the client/matter (customer/project) from the Client – Matter field.


  • Select Write Off option from the Credit Type drop down.


  • Select the appropriate Payment Method (typically Internal).


  • Enter the paid sent invoice number in the Reference # field.


  • Enter the allocation amount in the Amount field.


  • Enter a description Note in the edit box.


  • Click the Save button such that the entry gets listed in the Payments & Credits list.


  • The black down arrow will allow you to edit the entry or void the entry.


  • Click on Allocate link against the desired unpaid entry.


  • Click on the Allocate Oldest First button to allocate the entire amount to the unpaid oldest project.


  • Or, click on the Compute Equal Proportions button to equally allocate the amount to all the projects.


  • The Allocation Date field used for the date funds to be applied to unpaid balances.

Note: Please be aware that this date will effect the way in which the Reports feature will be run.


  • Click on the Allocate button.


  • Click Save.


Please contact customer support if you have any questions or need assistance at (800)715-1284.

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