Task/Activity Codes Setup

Purpose & Benefit: On the Task/Activity Codes sub tab (TimeSolv Legal users will see Task, TimeSolv Pro users will see Activity), you can identify the tasks or activities you and your staff are completing for clients, including the task/activity name and task/activity code. If the task/activity has a particular rate you would like applied, you can enter that amount. For TimeSolv Legal users, the ABA Task Codes are pre-built into the application. You can create custom codes under Time>Settings. You can also create a specific rate by task too, either on a hour rate basis or by just the task itself. TimeSolv’s Time Entry reports allow you to run a report based on Task Code, so you could easily see how much time has been spent on particular tasks for a given period of time or by a specific professional. You can slice and dice the data as you see fit to give you greater insight into your firm.



Task/Activity rates can be by hour or by task. For example, you may charge by the hour for fact gathering, or you may simply charge a flat fee each time you prepare a budget for your client.

Note: If a task code rate is not included, the appropriate rate for the employee completing the task is applied. This may not be the default rate, but the appropriate rate depending on what is entered in the project’s General tab.

Click on Time>Settings>Task/Activity Codes tab.

Edit code – click on code.


Create new code – click on the New Task/Activity Code button.



Delete code – users can only delete Task/Activity Codes if it has never been used, to avoid corrupt data.

Description – what shows entering the task/activity code. For example, you may have a code AA101, and you try to type it in the codes field under time entry page, nothing will come up in the auto-population unless the code number is included in this description field.

Narrative – narrative supersedes description (above field) when the task/activity code is selected. The narrative is the default message that pre-fills into the time entry description. This is a useful field if you want more than just the description of the activity code to show up.

Rate – the dollar/other currency amount.

​Rate type – If the user enters a rate, they will be forced to select a rate type – either hourly, or activity/task. If you wish to change the rate amount (above field), you will first have to change the ‘Rate Type’ field back to the ‘Select rate type’ option.

Billable Type

Summarized? – a single time entry appears on the invoice when a time entry is created with the same:

Task code 
Sub-Task code 
Plan task to do

Taxable? – This field may also be used for admin fees. If you have a set rate for admin fees, you can enter it here.

Active? – enable and disable this code by toggling the checkbox.


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